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What are the most popular online casino games in Europe?

What are the most popular online casino games in Europe?

Online casinos have become part of everyday life for a great number of Europeans. The full selection of casino games available online will keep you rather busy. From Poker to Blackjack, Craps to Slots, the choices are endless, but what are the most popular online casino games in Europe?

Loading a trusted online casino website will introduce you to a whole list of casino game varieties available for free play or real money play, choosing the right casino games is all about preference in user experience – or following suggestions from trusted sources. 

Slot machines

Most online gamers tend to stir towards slot machines to try their luck at maxing out the bars and gaining the full jackpot. Choosing the best slots without leaving home, online gamers look for great payouts, bonuses and excellent visual properties; making video slots the most popular option.

Video slot machines

There will always be classics that draw in the masses based on their great graphics and high RTP, with top contenders such as Starburst and Planet of the Apes ranking rather high on Europe’s list. A 2017 innovative online video slot machine developed by Pink Elephants, ranks well with users looking for special symbols on the slots and a bonus game included in their spins. 

Pink Elephants was received so well, a second version of the online video slot was released last May. 

Table games

If it’s excitement and fast thinking you’re looking for; table games are probably the most intriguing to get that blood pumping! Table Games are casino games that may require a dealer who controls the game in a simulated video version or perhaps even a live version; where real time players bet against each other for the most authentic table game feeling while playing at home. 

Online video poker

Video Poker is a great favourite with online gambling users across Europe; some of the best poker table games out there can be enjoyed in different poker styles that include: Texas Hold ‘Em, Three Card Power, Razz Poker and even Stud Poker. 

Some of the most popular online poker games include All Aces Poker and Double Aces Poker available to play on Android and Apple devices. 

Online Blackjack 

Blackjack is another table game that really gets users excited to show off their skills and their plays on good fortune. Online Blackjack takes on the same concepts as the traditional game suggests, with a dealer serving cards as prompts for your next step, allowing you to hit or stand according to your hand. 

Some of the best Blackjack online games you can enjoy include; Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold, Suit’Em Up Blackjack and Lucky Ladies Blackjack.

With such a huge variety of games, styles and even developers out there, you’ll soon create a full list of your own favourite online casino games. Finding the most popular online casino games in Europe, one spin after the other. 

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