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Ultimate Guide for Casino Bonuses

Ultimate Guide for Casino Bonuses

There has never been a wider variety of choices for players when it comes to online casinos, with great bonuses available across a huge offer of platforms. Healthy competition between the growing number of online casinos means they are always innovating, looking for new ways to attract new players and to keep their current members happy – and entertained & also winners.

The great thing for new players on multiple sites is that the vast majority of the games can be tried in demo mode, allowing participants to try their skills and become familiar with the game before playing for real and blast money away. This way players have a better idea of how to play any given game before the begin playing or spinning with cash at stake.

Then when a customer wants to play for real money they can exit demo mode and play the full version of the game. For new players there are often bonuses on offer before and after first deposits are made, whilst for returning players new offers and bonuses are regularly available too.


To boost your funds before you start playing it’s worth seeking out an online casino bonus, with a wide variety of bonus types on offer such as Trueflip Casino. Bonuses can be used in a significant range of games and they are available without a huge amount of legwork on the part of the player.

There are always specific conditions applied to online casino bonuses, so do check out the policies of the online casino you are playing on.

A typical policy is to ask the player to stake some money before a withdrawal can be made and this is sometimes called a ‘playthrough’ or wagering requirement. Although you may not be able to ‘cash out’ before the wagering requirement has been met you can stake the bonus fund money instead of your own in some cases. So you could bank some winnings with the initial ‘bonus money’ – usually up to a specified maximum betting limit.

Some of the most popular online casino bonuses are as follows:


Fairly obvious from the name, these are bonuses which are offered by online casinos to encourage new customers to sign up. You may be required to provide information such as payment details, a valid email address and your mobile phone number in order to get the bonus. These welcome bonuses often include what are called Free spins no deposit bonus. You get to play without having to part ways with your cash at first, but check the wagering requirements and how long the bonus is valid for.


From new members of an online casino making their first deposit to an experienced player reloading for the 200th time all the best online casinos add a bonus on top of a deposit. These are often multipliers, 50% extra, 100% extra, 150% extra and so on. They are added to your deposit when the casino confirms reception of incoming funds to your account like this offer from Voodoo Dreams.


In order to create more noise on social media and to encourage players to spread the word about great games and offers, online casinos sometimes offer social media related bonuses. These may be triggered by requiring you to like or follow an online casino’s Instagram or Facebook account, or by taking part in an interactive game or quiz on social media. You might get a multiplier or free spins offer, though of course wagering requirements will still apply.


If you provide a referral to a friend and they sign up as a new member with an online casino you can get a bonus of free spins or a cash boost to your account. Your friend will either follow a referral link, add a referral code from you or nominate you as the referrer when signing up and once they make a first deposit your referral bonus is activated. These commonly have a value of around $50.


Sometimes the nature of the bonus you receive will be a ‘free spins’ or ‘free bets’ offer. This means you get to play without adding more funds, but you can still win – subject to wagering requirements of course. Free spins sometimes come as ‘no deposit’ introductory offers and sometimes they are offered during special promotional periods or after you’ve wagered a certain amount on a game.

You can also get free spins as an additional extra to a deposit bonus offer, like this one from Trueflip casino.


Also known as VIP and High Roller bonuses, these are incentives provided by online casinos to loyal clients. These might take the form of deposit matches (multipliers), free spins, free bets, increases in limits or quicker withdrawal times.


When you are assessing which are the best online casinos to play on there are several factors to take into account.

Always use platforms that offer good customer support. They should offer responsive channels such as live chat, quick response by email and support desks which are easy to reach by phone. You can always test out their customer support level with a couple of simple queries if you wish.

Online casinos should always make it easy for you to make fast deposits and withdrawals. Check that they accept payments by all major credit and debit cards, prepaid cards (such as paysafecard), eWallets (like PayPal and Neteller) or direct transfers to and from your bank account. Cash out policies should be straightforward and cash out processes ought to be reasonably quick and easy.

Your online casino should be a secure and pleasant gaming platform to use. You want to know that the games are fair and that the site is operating legally and smoothly. These are simple checks to run and you can do them by looking at the footer of the site and by reading the relevant Ts&Cs.

Also, if you’re usually on desktop try out the mobile app, or vice versa, as you might find that you prefer the playability on a different device. All the best online casinos have seamless apps and flawlessly performing websites, so providing your internet connection is good you’ll have no issues.

Also keep an eye out for the quality and range of the games on offer. There is so much competition in the market, so there is never any reason to settle for second best if you don’t find the latest games on offer. You should find a good range of games available in high definition with good bonuses on any reputable online casino.

Whether you play an all-time classic like roulette or a cool game such as Age of the Gods, online casinos deliver excitement to you at home or on the go, wherever you are.


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