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10 Rules to become a online Casino Master

10 Rules to become a online Casino Master

1. Make sure that you Educate yourself.

It’s not good enough to assume that you can play a casino game or you might as well just Throw your money out of the window. Take a time out to learn the rules of the game before you begin playing. The Internet is full with websites such as ours that offer valuable resources and tips for good online game play and the best possible wins. We guarantee you it will be worth your time to read and learn, so take your time and follow these 10 Rules to make the best out of online casino.

2. Look around for the best Offers, Bonuses & Deals.

Online gambling operators are a dime a dozen but don’t be too hasty in making your selection. Choose a reputable gambling operator; one that has been in the industry for a number of years, that uses a reputable software provider, and that offers the best odds.

3. Choose the right game.

When playing in an Online Casino, choose games that will help you optimize your chances of winning such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, or Baccarat. While other games such as multi reel Slots and Video Poker appear to be exciting, they are not really that profitable because there is no guarantee that you can win on any one spin or with the big bonuses that some online casino assume. So choose wisely before you even think to start with online gambling.

4. Use the 3 B Betting System.

The most profitable Players do not necessarily have ‘Majestic Luck’ on their side. They employ the 3 B Betting System – Budget, Budget, Budget! Consider your gaming experience a new business venture. In any business venture, a business owner will budget to ensure he has enough funds and resources to take him through a certain period of time. Similarly, when venturing to play online, you should prepare a budget that you are comfortable with and adhere to it. In this way, you are likely to reduce your financial losses and increase your possible winning game play.

5. Set out a playing schedule & Follow that specificially.

The saying that you can have too much fun is unfortunately a sad truth. Sometimes, people who play online get caught up in the moment, especially when they are winning and end up spending more money or more time playing than they originally anticipated. Don’t get caught up in the moment. Set a time frame for your online play and stick to it. One and a half hours (1½ hrs) is the optimal average playing time for any Player. The length of time you play online is a very important consideration and can play a key role in making or breaking you during your game play session. So make a plan and stick to it, because we don’t want that you are losing in that particular moment.

6. Set your priorities first.

Before you start playing, decide whether you want to play for fun only or whether you want to seriously win a certain amount of money. You may even want to do both, but whatever you decide, be sure that you set achievable & realistic goals. Don’t go into Slots, expecting to win a Jackpot or don’t play Poker just for the purpose of getting a BIG Bonus! You’ll be a very Unhappy player if you don’t set realistic goals and terms for yourself.

7. Greed is a definite ‘DON’T’.

People who play online casino often lose because of their own greed. They’ll start out winning a couple of games or a few hands. But then, they notice that someone else is winning, so they want to win more. In order to win more, they begin to bet more. Then if they start losing, they are not satisfied with simply cashing in the chips or playing another game. They continue to bet until the money they set aside for the session is depleted. This is no one’s fault but the person who played the game, bet the money, and lost it all! DON’T be greedy. Play smart instead, and, if you notice you’re losing, end the session, cash in the chips, and call it a night. Or you can always try to play another game. Whatever you decide, DON’T go over your limit.

8. Ask People or a friend for a second opinion.

When deciding on a gaming Operator, you can make your selection from one of our trusted online gambling resources. (Check Zapbonus offer wall) . Forums are plastered everywhere on the Internet and they give you a Player’s perspective and experiences on specific Operators and games offered. Be sure to read the most recent Comments and Posts so you too can keep up-to-date on what’s happening in this dynamic money industry.

9. Read the fine print.

This is especially important where bonuses and special promotions are concerned. For Marketing purposes, bonus offers are very attractive and appear too good to be true and this is oftentimes the case. If you come across a bonus offer that states “1000% Match Deposit”, you can bet your last dollar that it comes with tons of restrictions. Read the Terms and Conditions of bonuses, promotions, and special offers. If they are not available on the website, then call their Customer Service Team for confirmation. Don’t fool yourself by not reading the Terms and Conditions.

10. Which one to choose?

When deciding where to play, do not choose an online Operator simply because it shows up in the Top 10 search results of your Google search engine. This does not mean that it is trustworthy or reputable. It simply means that the Marketing Team put its Marketing budget to optimal use for that website. The gaming Operators listed on our Zapbonus Offer wall have been personally reviewed, are renowned for their longevity and fair play, and, most importantly, pay Players when they win. So check out our offer wall and make the best out of every game.

You know the 10 Rules so i would like to say,… BECOME A MASTER!

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